Zop (Zopiclone)

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Product description

Zop 7.5 mg Tablet is intended to relieve insomnia in the short term. It shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and decreases nighttime awakenings. This medication enhances sleep maintenance and hence provides restful sleep.

Because of its significant habit-forming potential, Zop 7.5 mg Tablet should never be used for long-term treatment of insomnia. It should be taken on an empty stomach, ideally right before bedtime. It is, however, recommended that it be taken at the same time each day in order to maintain a regular amount of medication in the body. Because this medication is habit-forming, take it in the dose and for the period prescribed by your doctor. Do not stop taking it abruptly without first consulting your doctor, since this may aggravate your symptoms.

Some of the most frequent adverse effects of this medication are a moderate bitter or metallic taste in your tongue, dry mouth, and drowsiness or sleepiness. These are typically only transient and will go away on their own after a while. If these concern you or do not go away, see your doctor. They might be able to recommend strategies to mitigate or avoid the negative effects.

Zop 7.5 mg Tablet may cause dizziness and tiredness, so do not drive or do anything else that demands mental attention until you know how this drug affects you. Do not take it with alcohol, since it may aggravate the dizziness. While taking this medication, notify your doctor if you have any unexpected changes in mood or behavior, new or worsening depression, hallucinations, or suicidal thoughts.

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