How can I pay?

Our payment methods are preferably any cryptocurrency. If you don't spot your preferred crypto at checkout, just email us.

We also accept Wise payments, which allows you to pay with Paypal/credit cards/bank transfers. Select Wise at checkout, and you will be emailed the before-mentioned bank information to send to. Once there, just follow the steps provided on Wise. Once completed, email us proof of the transaction so we can notify our third party receiver, and your order should be started once we get confirmation.

If you are impatient for your items, I highly recommend paying WITH CRYPTO. Wise payments can take up to a week to confirm on our side.

How do you ship? from where?

The pharmacy declares your package as health supplements/medications.

All International Pharma ships from India. Through EMS, IN, NL, anything that is viable at the moment.

Deus Medical products come from the EU.

My products arrived less than what I ordered.

In order to receive replacement products you need to take a video while unpacking the box showing you cutting open the box and showing the products. We also take photos of all products inside the package before they are sent. If something is indeed missing and verified, we will refund/reship you whatever is missing.

Mistakes do happen, and we stand behind our promise to fulfill your order. But we cannot move forward without evidence such as the above due to many people trying to abuse this system.

My tracking hasn't updated in a while. Why is that? Is it seized?

Sometimes the post just takes a bit - we've seen packages not update for up to two weeks and then suddenly move. The mysteries of logistics is beyond us, and put simply, these are magical at times. We try our best to retrace packages and get updates, but ultimately, even the logistics people themselves have no idea where your package is.

What are your reshipment policies?

We DO NOT offer any refunds - all purchases are final.

We will reship all international pharmacy orders upon proof of seizure letter or if your order is stuck in customs/lost in transit and it has been more than 30 days since the last update.
In some cases we will also offer store credit, as some items that are seized will be best ordered at a later time instead of immediately. Store credit will remain valid only for international orders.

If it so happens that your order is seized a second time - we're very sorry, but refunds are not offered. Best we can do is offer you the products at BASE COST to try again. This also applies to the countries that are except from our reshipment policy - we are always happy to try our best and help you by giving you the absolute base cost to get your products.

Please do note that reshipments are no longer possible from this pharmacy to:


Express/1 day shipping/ pls amazon service

At the moment unfortunately, we don't have that. Petition your local governments to decriminalize drugs.

T/A from shipment?

Please give us 2-5 business days to have your order discreetly packaged and shipped out.
 From there, Internationally, it takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks usually worldwide to receive your medications. The t/a time greatly fluctuates with world events, and as such, is always unpredictable. We ask you to give us at least 4 weeks before lodging any complaints.

Domestic is shipped twice a week for now, as our minimums are low and we receive a massive load of orders everyday. From there, its whatever USPS takes to get to you from the midwest.
Do take notice - we drop these packages off at blue boxes. Usually, USPS picks these packages up next-day, but we've encountered times where USPS did not update packages for 3-5 days. This is rare, but it is not concerning.


$0 for the International category.

$75 for U.S Domestic.

Do i have to sign?

It's okay to sign. The local courier just needs your signature since he thinks the area or package might be stolen. Use logic. If you believe your address has been flagged before, don't sign. If you are a high profile illegal entity, don't sign.

Do i place my real name on the address?

Please do. Aliases work, but sometimes your mailman will know who you are and if he sees a weird fucking name on a package, it might delay your package, even asking you to come pick it up. And thats on you.

How safe is this?

As safe as smoking weed inside your home. Just don't let the police inside.


None available at the moment - but in the U.S - you are usually allowed to bring up to 6 months worth of medication. Usually there is no need for any safety precautions.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. You can do it yourself on your account page once your orders are all completed - or request it by email.

Why did my order disappear?

You will be given 48 hours to complete your payment or your order will be cancelled. This typically happens with Wise.com payments, as your payments usually take anywhere from 2-5 business days for your bank to send it to our bank. Do not panic - we will reinstate your order once we receive the funds.