Privacy - DashPCT

Our website is encrypted and hosted on two servers both located in countries that do not cooperate with foreign governments requests for information due to their privacy laws. We do not log any of your information. All your information can be deleted by you at your account page, or by request. We only hold onto your information for orders, and then discard it.

For a more in depth privacy guide into how you can secure your connection and buying from us, we highly suggest using & - these two sites have helped us massively in the past, and we still continue to reference them to this day. If you ever feel unsafe about your buying experience, and wish to learn more about how you can be anonymous, do not hesitate to contact us with any privacy-oriented questions. We are firm believers in absolute privacy, and are always willing to share knowledge on the subject.

But for a simple run down - 

- Connect to DashPCT using TOR/VPN

- Use throwaway emails, anonymous emails, or Protonmail/Tutanota to purchase.

- Do NOT use an alias. Unsurprisingly, this just calls attention to your courier, who more than likely already knows your real name associated with the address.

- Use crypto to pay, the best option is XMR (Monero)

- Don't track your order unless absolutely necessary, these are typically logged.

Thats it. For the typical buyer, this is more than enough. Assess your threat level, who are you hiding from and why, and go from there.