Raloxiheal (Raloxifene)

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Product description

Raloxiheal 60 mg, is made by Healing Pharma and is comprised of Raloxifene which is a relatively new anti-estrogen licensed for the treatment of estrogen-related medical problems, the most well-known of which being osteoporosis and estrogen-responsive breast cancer. Raloxiheal 60 mg is often used by anabolic steroid-using bodybuilders as a supplementary medication to combat and/or avoid Estrogen-related bad effects and problems, similar to Nolvadex (Tamoxifen). Although Raloxiheal 60 mg / Raloxifene is not as extensively used for this purpose as Nolvadex, a growing body of evidence in the form of research indicates that it is approximately as effective as Nolvadex. Despite the fact that Raloxifene lacks the research and clinical data that more established SERMs like Nolvadex have, it is quickly gaining popularity and interest among the bodybuilding and anabolic steroid using communities, and many within said communities have regarded Raloxifene as a slightly safer alternative, though these claims are currently unfounded.

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