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Penisole Capsule is advertised as a male organ enlarger, which means that the ingredients in Penisole help increase the blood supply to the male organ. Penisole is an all natural supplement that contains several different herbs that the company says will increase stamina, increase the intensity of an orgasm, improve urinary flow, increase production and will improve the overall drive

- Ashwaghanda: 100mg
- Satavar: 100mg
- Makardhwaj: 10mg
- Shu.Shilajit (Bitumen Judaicum): 10mg
- Vidarikand (Pureria tuberosa): 50mg
- Bhasma Swaran Mashik: 5mg
- Saffron (Crocus sativus): 2mg
- Kawanch (Mucuna pruriens): 100mg
- Akalkaro ( Anacyelus pyrethrum): 20mg
- Shudha ( Strychnos nuxvomica): 25mg
- Khursani Ajowain (Hyoscyamus niger): 25mg
- Trivang Bhasma: 20mg
- Salampanjo (Dactylorhiza Hatagirea): 10mg
- Excipients

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